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Our company, Supvan has been backed with an efficient and diligent services team, which offer our clients with exceptional technical support and resolves their queries in a speedy manner. Further, various other customer services are offered to our clients spread all across the country. Our efficient services including material management, maintenance of the product, quality assurance, training, auxiliary technical services, customer support (hotline services) and market supervision are offered in the (domestic automotive) secondary market. Further, in comparison to our competitors, we provide better aftermarket services nationwide with the support of our dedicated service department. These are provided with an aim to guide our clients in making the right choice.

1. Customer Service
Our wide service network contains large square dealership & area service centers along with skilled Supvan agents. 

Supvan Region Service Center
The Supvan Region Service Center focuses on spreading awareness about the products in the market and are also responsible for sale of the offered solutions and after sales service & support. This department also takes care of market management of the brands and dealer services.

Supvan Agents
The supvan's experienced agents are dedicated to increase the regional sales and also focuses on maintenance as well as dealership management.

Supvan  dealerships
The responsibility of maintaining a consistency in regional sales, exceptional performance of services and proper maintenance of the region is bestowed upon our supvan's dealerships. The customer service network in mainland China is provided by our Supvan Agents and Supvan Dealerships that are located at different district service centers of Supvan that is spread across the various provinces of the country. The services provided by our Supvan customer service network always complies with the quality standards set in the ISO9001 regulations. Further these networks have strong ties up with trusted partners.

2.  Warranty Services
We are China's first electronic tube printer provider, famous in the market for our unbeatable product quality and top class services. Our customers' satisfaction is our prime concern that is why our products are offered with an exclusive warranty.
Some important information relating our warranty services are:-

From the 25th June (2008) onwards our highly demanded models TP60i, TP66i, and TP20 tube printers will be available in the market with a warranty period of 2 years (24 months), further, the print head will come with a free warranty of 1 year (12 months).

The product purchased in or after 2008 will get the three guarantees, it includes free repairing service, replacement as well as return of the product within the above mentioned period. To avail this one must ensure to:-
  • Fill the warranty correctly and get it stamped by the dealer (with his authentic seal) at the time of purchase.
  • Keep the stamped warranty card with you safely.
  • Also, request for an official invoice/bill as well as purchase accessories invoice/bill as it will be needed at the time of availing the warranty service.
Without the above mentioned you may not enjoy the benefits of three guarantees offered to you.

Note:- These Three Guarantees services are only valid on the products purchased in mainland China.  

3. Other Warranty Policy
We offer some other warranty policies on the products sold in Mainland China, Taiwan, China, Macau and Hong Kong their details are mentioned below:-

Why the warranty services for products bought in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are provided  in the mainland (China)?
The supvan is not only committed to provide users with high quality industrial identification products, more humane and personalized dedicated service of the firm commitment of the majority of consumers.
To make it easy for citizens of mainland china to use our products in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions, we will offer more warranty services for our master side tube printers sold in these zones to attain customers' satisfaction.

What are the limited warranty services offered by Supvan on products purchased in regions like Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China?
The requirements that must fulfilled for availing our array of limited warranty offers are:-
  • The products purchased after 1st may, 2005 in the above mentioned regions only through official channels of distribution (excluding attachments) will be eligible for warranty services. The supvan service centers located in mainland China provides 1 year limited warranty service offer to the clients.
  • The supvan products (licensed) can be bought through authorized dealers in taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong
  • Factory licensed supvan products can be purchased at any formal channels in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau
  • For the customers residing in Hong Kong must keep a valid proof of purchase like invoice and warranty card with them to avail this offer. 
  • To redeem these warranty services the clients' purchasing the products from listed dealers located in Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan must comply with the different conditions set in the specific warranty terms. For example:- The man-made hazards will not be covered under the warranty, the user will need to pay for it.

The products of Suvan that are applicable for three guarantees services in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong?
These limited warranty services are not applicable on Shuo Fang products when bought from dealers in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. These service are only available on large square through the mainland's formal networks.

  • Extra fees ( material & labor cost) will be charged by the service centers for maintenance in situations like:-
  • If the clients fails to submit the warranty card/certificate at the time of redeeming services.
  • The damage is caused due to its improper usage or fluctuating voltage.
  • If the malfunction of the product is caused because of faulty electric plug or misuse of the product.
  • Damage occurred while transporting or unloading the product by the purchaser will not be included.
  • Any sort of unofficial dissembling, repair and modification will disqualify the product from the eligibility criteria.
  • Product failure due to not following the instructions & precautions in the manual will not be included.
  • Non-resistance and other natural factors are also out of the scope of warranty services.
Online support
1.  The service hotline:

Our hotline service bridges the gap between us and the users of our products, is helps in facilitating a faster and more efficient way of healthy communication. Through these services the customers can educate themselves about the offered solutions, also can ask queries and file complaints regarding the same. Further, top class technical support is also provided through different forms of customer services including telephone and emails.

2. How to reach our hotline service?
Phone :86-10-62968596
Fax :86-10-62968219
Our website:-:
Our registered address:- Room 1001, 1/F Building No. 1, No 1 Gaoxin Three Street, Huilongguan Town, Changping District, Beijing - 100085, ChinaOur zip code:- 100085

3- Check out Our Customer Service Network
The hotline service is always available for our customers, further, the clients can also connect with us through our listed email address. After understanding your products situation our executives will strive to resolve your query or guide you to our closest service center according to the issue.

4- Asking the Supvan
Your feedback are very essential for our brand, you can help us in i. Proving our products and services further with the help of your suggestions and feedback. To submit the same you can email or call us on the above mentioned addresses or can access our feedback tab. Our efficient service team will strive satisfy your needs to the fullest.

Value-added service
Our high standards set for service performance have made our brand a trusted choice in the market. The premium value added services offered by our brand, have helped us in surpassing our competitors in the domain. We stay at par with your service demands for Industrial marking equipment. To fulfill the same, Supvan bestows the trust in our speedy, exceptional quality and flawlessly customized value added services. Apart from this, our brand is also offering clientele with time to time maintenance services, three bag services as well as free test of the equipment, moreover, we also offer motherboard updating services, the addition of advanced motherboards functions in the products will help the clients in upgrading them in the future without any extra cost. 

With our offered industrial marking equipment, you will be informed about new introductions in the range which will meet your current trading requirements. For further details you can discuss with your specific supplier.