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1) The type and cost of the ribbon
The ribbon is an integral component of a printer, the quality of the ribbon determine the print heads operational life and the neatness and beauty of the print effects. A good quality ribbon will protect the print head from varied damages which will help the printer in printing effects on the paper without any fault. The ribbon of high quality is not easy to spread and stays in there position for a long period. Few of the major components of the printers ribbon and its materials are mentioned below:-

1- Wax ribbon:
Waxes and carbon black (in case of black ribbon are the major components it act as a coating material for the printers. Wax ribbon is easily affordable and is commonly used for printing on daily use paper.
It is recommended to not print on the surface which is a little bumpy, it must be very smooth like PET made products.
Up to a count of total 70% of the market demand is conquered by the wax ribbon printers. Its common use is to print on large plain paper labels jimmy prime products.

2- Resin ribbon:
It is advised to choose Resin ribbons at occasions Like when there is a requirement for print data as anti solvent resistance at high temperature conditions for chemical products as well as for electrical heating parts in heated work sites. It is also highly useful for packaging print and to be printed on varied different chemical products as well as special PET. To achieve these the resin ribbon is recommended, however it is a bit expensive but it provides the printed a neat and beautiful effect and is essential for achieving printing medium collocation level.

3- The mixture of wax and resin:
The combination of both was as well as resin coating materials must be used in well balanced proportion changing according to the article the printing is required. A lot of people use this blend on smooth surfaces and provides it a perfect print. Further, this not very expensive and showcases the qualities of both wax and resin ribbons. Its exceptional performance has made it highly demanded in the market.

Shuo Fang ribbon Germany a trusted name in the industry imports its highly acclaimed top grade resin carbon along with other raw materials with an aim to assure the prints quality and neat finish,  also ensures that the print is corrosion resistant.

2) The habits to avoid by users while using our tube printers
  • One must protect the printer and its cylindrical wall from dust contamination as it might damage the print head and other components resulting in reduction of its efficient operational life.
  • The users must avoid continuous use of the printer for a long period without pausing it to facilitate its perfect operation.
  • One must always clean the printer thoroughly after use and protective cover must be placed over it specially its print head to prevent air contamination.
  • The improper turnoff and pulling out of power connector must be avoided it may disrupt the power supply suddenly and cause damage to the printers mechanical parts.
  • The printer no-hand  features must not be trusted with the person who is not skilled enough or capable of using the said machinery.
  • Harsh conditions in the working site selected for the printer may result in reducing its durability dye to humidity, high temperature or dirt.
  • Do not try to remove jammed articles with force of hands or pliers to avoid damage, such damage will not be covered under warranty services.
  • Do not dissemble or try to fix the printer by yourself it might cause it an irreparable damage.
  • Do not add oil in the print head to avoid greasy and unclear print. 
  • Always follow the instructions manual to ensue its safe usage and avoid unwanted damages.
We request you to confirm that any of the above mentioned bad habits are performed at your workplace to ensure an efficient and durably functioning machine. Further you must also:-

The tube you use is absolutely clean to ensure the protection of print head and you should also regulate a regular internal cleaning of your machine in scheduled intervals of time.
While fitting the tube to the printer no force or external feeds must be used for help, it is itself very easy to attach it. In addition to this, Dismantling of the printer is strictly prohibited, this may cause severe damage to the machine and our company will not take the responsibility for its repair (no warranty service will provided).  
After each and every use ensure to put the printer back in it strong suitcase provided with it.

How to prolong the service life of the print head
The print heat is the most important as well as delicate part of the offered tube printer. If the user does not pay attention to its proper maintenance it will not perform its best. Consistent care of the print head may enhance its durability. There is a little guide on how to maintain your printers print head are mentioned below:-

1- Pre-maintenance
In a period of every two or three weeks the print head must be cleaned thoroughly, while doing the same one must prevent the print head from contact with Hard objects to avoid scratches. You should also avoid its contact with grounded metal band/ anti-static pad to ensure gat it does not cause any electrostatic damage. First you need to switch on the printer, and carefully blow away the dust from it.  Then, with approximately 70% alcohol soaked cotton or cotton cloth gently wipe the print head and other mechanical components of the printer including ribbon sensors and rubber rollers. Swipe all the dust away, change the cotton/cloth once its dirty and use the new one.  Do not re use the cotton/cloth again. Further avoid the usage of metal tools such ad screwdrivers to scrape off alien articles from the print head,  it may cause serious damage.

2- Factors that caused the premature failure of the print head.
There are some reason of why a print head could not serve its normal operational service:-

Friction- The protective layer of ceramic coating may wear off the print head because of consistent friction with Label, tube as well as ribbon which may be a result of lack of maintenance. It can damage the print head before its maturity.

3- In order to avoid scratches
To avoid damage to the surface of the print head such as scratches can be avoided by cleaning it periodically. To decrease the friction one can use thermal transfer ribbons with a top grade film backing.

To minimize the print heads pressure and to control its temperature, the ribbon must be wider then the label, this also prevents pre-mature abrasion of the label.

The ribbon

The damage caused to the ribbon's back layer due to dust:- The pollutants on the print head's thermal transfer ribbon can occur due to high pressure, speed, high set value & temperature. The accumulation of foreign elements on the pin (print head) is caused because of excess heat transfer it tampers with printers quality. If not maintained on time these pollutants can damage print quality and the clearity and neat finish of the print.

4- How to protect ribbon back layer from dust
  • It is very important to use thermal transfer ribbon to protect the back layer, make sure that you use non-greasy ribbon, do not apply any type of lubricants and electrostatic dissipative. Further, while cleaning the rubber roller, you should choose reverse to prevent any sort of damage to the print head.
  • Always make sure that the tunes are clean
  • Print head maintenance must be done periodically
  • Remove the pollutants and garbage accumulates from the print head film to confirm its long term health

5- Print head warranty
It us advised to use best quality ribbons procured from trusted suppliers for flawless results, this will also protect it from pre-mature abrasion.
If bad quality ink ribbon is used the Supvan will not be responsible for the damage.